Threatening or frightening messages

If you are receiving messages that contain direct or implied threats to your personal safety, or otherwise cause you fear or alarm, you should get help right away.

If you are receiving unwanted personal messages (not spam) from someone you don’t know, you should likewise report them immediately.

If you believe you are in immediate danger, or in case of an emergency, contact either

University of Toronto Police

St. George

  • 416.978.2222 emergencies
  • 416.978.2323 other calls


  • 905.569.4333 emergencies
  • 905.828.5200 other calls


  • 416.287.7333 emergencies
  • 416.287.7398 other calls

or the City Police:  911

For confidential advice and assistance about threatening or intimidating e-mails, contact the

Community Safety Office

  • 416.978.1485

The Community Safety Office is responsible for initiatives directed at improving personal safety and security on campus. The Office can provide advice and information about your options, and will help you establish a safety plan, co-ordinate police liaison, and identify the best way to pursue a formal complaint against the person harassing you.

Contact with the Community Safety Office is confidential and does not commit you to taking any formal action.

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