Issues for Students

Teacher / Student Relationships

University policy does not explicitly prohibit romantic or sexual relations between teachers and students. However, if a teacher and a student have an intimate personal relation as well as a professional one, they are in a conflict of interest. University policy on conflict of interest requires that in any circumstance where an employee’s personal and professional interests overlap, s/he must declare the conflict to her or his own supervisor, who will arrange for someone else to evaluate the student’s work. This is to safeguard the right of all students to fair and unbiased treatment.

Any sexual overture from a teacher to a student is potentially troublesome. If you are concerned that a teacher is singling you out for any form of special attention, or is making sexual invitations or suggestions, you should seek advice from the Sexual Harassment Office. If you are romantically involved with a teacher you should make sure that arrangements are made for independent evaluation of your work.

Students on Placements

If you are studying or working on a practicum outside the University you are still protected by University policy. However, you may also be covered by the policies of the organisation you are placed with. The Sexual Harassment Office can assist you in dealing with any issues that arise on university-related placements.